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Engineered tough

SAS RAIL builds attachments to the rigorous specifications resulting in a tool tough enough to handle severe conditions and heavier loads, this gives operators performance, durability, and an extended useful life. The ultimate the goal of SAS is to eliminate down time.

Railcar Coupler

Move Railcars Safely and Without Damage! The SAS Railcar Mover / Coupler provides secure attachment between the railcar and wheel loader allowing railcars to be moved alongside tracks to cargo loading areas. Also available with Emergency Air Brake option!

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SAS Rail new railcar coupler with hand release

Adjustable Forks

For use in general pallet handling to heavy duty applications SAS Adjustable forks can handle a wide variety of material handling needs. Move pallets, containers equipment, pipe, and other materials safely with the correct set of SAS RAIL designed for your application. Adjustable forks can be manufactured to any width of carriage and a wide variety of fork movement needs. Available for any wheel loader manufacturers equipment and quick coupler design in the market, they are the most versatile forks in the market. Also, available with a hydraulic option.

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SAS Rail adjustable forks

Quick Coupler

SAS Quick Coupler designed to fit any wheel loader from 1 to 4 yards as well as 3 or 4 pin machines. With the widest hook spacing and the closest mounting point to the attachment the SAS coupler increases lift capacity over the completion and minimizes the possibility of failure. The hydraulically operated locking pins allow for quick change of attachments as well as improved safe operation machinery by reducing the chance of disconnection and personal injury caused by manual locking couplers. SAS manufactures these to fit the severe duty requirements of the auto salvage and scrap industry making them ideal for all markets that require wheel loaders with the ability to change attachments.

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SAS Rail quick coupler

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